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Since 2004

Better for the Environment

Envirosax is 100% Australian Owned & Designed. Worldwide humans use 5 trillion plastic bags a year, or about 160,000 plastic bags in a second. Many used for only 12 minutes! Only 1% are recycled, with the rest ending up in landfills or as litter. Envirosax has been the leader in design-led reusable shopping bags since 2004, campaigning against the use of single use plastics.  Our bags are rigorously tested for strength and printed with eco-friendly dyes. Lighter than a Lipstick - Stronger than a Suitcase!

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One day

The world will be plastic bag free

In the not-to-distant future, plastic bags will be banned everywhere. The trend with governments at a local and international level becoming more aware is growing, and plastic bag levies and bans are happening all over the world. Reusable bags are meant to be used year after year - saving the ocean from plastic harm and the environment from manufacturing waste. Our reusable bags are excellent quality and are intended to last a lifetime. Not only that, they look good too!

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A word from our Envirosax fans!

Love your bags! I use them every time I go to the food store during our corona virus lockdown in Melbourne

Virlana T

I have been buying your bags for years...I love them...give them as gifts...I get compliments on them regularly...thank you....Doratta

Doratta F

Envirosax are the best! I have one that I have used for years and years and it is still going strong! Many compliments from others on my more recent
Read More

Hilary H

Envirosax have repaid my initial outlay hundreds of times over, so thank you, thank you for creating something so useful and such great quality, something made to last and
Read More

Linda B

I’ve been using Enviro’s for over a decade. Found my first one in a boutique store in Cleveland, Ohio, and since then have purchased them for every one of
Read More

Kari S.

Envirosax name is very clever, to the point---a great handy item to always have a bag handy!

Lanie P

Thank you for such a WONDERFUL product!!!! I have quite a few and have purchased them for my family and friends : )

Barbara B

I have been buying Envirosax for my family and friends since Christmas 2010.   BEST GIFT EVER.  (I stocked up way back)Everyone who has received them from me LOVES THEM. When I
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Tanya B

Thank you know I’m even happier than I’ve been a customer of yours for over who knows six years I’m not sure but it’s been a long time and
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Yvette K.