The Importance of Trees

The Importance of Trees

The Importance of Trees

Trees are the lifeline of the earth, yet we continue to cut them down for unnecessary convenience such as ‘one use’ paper grocery bags. In the USA alone, 14 million trees are are cut down every year to support this market.


For each tree we cut down, we rob the earth of its positive contribution towards reducing climate change. On average each tree absorbs 20kg of carbon dioxide per year, removes other pollutants such as nitrogen dioxide and sulfur dioxide at the rate of 1kg per year and adds about 100kg of oxygen to the atmosphere per year.


Trees are important to their local environment by supplying key tools to stimulate growth. They reduce temperatures around them and stimulate rainfall providing a safe and plentiful place for flora & fauna to survive. This allows for undergrowth to grow preserving top soil and soil integrity for future trees.


With over 30% of the earth's land being covered in trees the importance cannot be diminished by allowing for constant deforestation to occur. With one and a half acres of forest being cut down every second it is estimated that within 100 years there will be no rain forests left without proper intervention.


This can be seen with projects such as The Great Green Wall. This project looks at stopping the growth of the Sahara desert by planting a 8,000km green wall across Africa. Since the birth of the initiative in 2007 over 15% of the trees have been planted with the project providing food, stability and security to peoples lives. Continued projects like The Great Green Wall bring hope for future generations to see luscious green forests like we can today.


Envirosax’s founders have in the past, rejuvenated a 17 acre property back to its former natural beauty in Northern NSW. They now live a sustainable lifestyle on 10 acres of rain forest property in Currumbin Valley, Queensland, where planting has continued to preserve and grow the area.


The property features a forest of over fifteen hundred, fifteen-year-old Hoop Pine trees, each absorbing 20kg of carbon dioxide per year. These and the 5,000+ other trees on the property help in significantly reduce the company’s carbon footprint.

Currumbin Valley Garden