Working from Home

Working from Home

Maintaining a Healthy Work-life Balance

Okay so this may just sound like some buzz word from the "before times", but the reality is, never before has this been more important than now. Especially, if children are in the house.  Juggling work emails while cooking endless meals for the family, or dealing with constant demands from the children, while in the back of your mind you are panicking about a deadline your boss has given.  Never before have stress levels been so high.

For anyone reading who doesn't have the extra demands of children, working from home may feel like a luxury at first, but it can be surprisingly difficult if you don’t have discipline and guidelines in place


You need a schedule...

I can't stress this enough. You are no longer running to a corporate schedule, and likely younger kids are unable to adhere to a school timetable without adult supervision. Regardless, kids or no kids, a schedule is imperative.

Make a schedule with at least three headings - you can call them what you want; just make sure one of them is "Work."  Others can include Self-Care, Children, Housework, Social  - whichever groups of activities you currently have on your plate.

During your work -time block, make sure that you turn off all notifications for Houseparty, Zoom, and any other social pages.  While quarantine and social distancing is a thing, people are far more likely to feel the need to reach out to friends or even co-workers "for a chat".  An hour can go very quickly.

Look at tasks that are the most important not to be interrupted.  If you have kids, aim to schedule engaging/ activities so they can be on their own during that time.  If you've got a partner, the odds are pretty good, that person is home with you.  Maybe consider shift work?  If you work in blocks of say 4 hours, you could both potentially achieve a lot.

If you're a single parent, clearly communicate expectations to both children and your employer. You'll need flexibility from your employer to address the needs of any children, so make sure that you're proactive, and you let team members know what to expect from you. On the flip side, be sure to let children know what to expect from you when you are in "Work-time".

Unfortunately, we are not in a position to change our circumstances. But scheduling in Self-Care is essential for our wellbeing and our ability to cope with the many hats we suddenly need to wear.

Your Self-Care is something you should schedule into your day to make sure that you do take a break, whether that be cooking, a hobby, an exercise, or just being still.  Self-Care during these trying times is a whole other subject, but for now  - let's schedule it in and get used to it having its own time in your day.